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If cared for properly, a Crystal Kodada luxury leather handbag will transcend time and retain its beauty forever. We believe a woman can never have too many expensive women's handbags!

How to store your Kodada Handbag

How maintain & clean your Kodada Handbag

How to Clean your Kodada Handbag

Protect your Kodada bag with a reputable leather waterproof moisturizer protection cream/ treatment. If you’re searching for a good leather moisturizer we recommend two products – Cadillac leather conditioner and cleaner lotion and Angelus brand prime neatsfoot oil leather waterproof softener protector conditioner.

Before usage, always test out on a small area preferably on an unseen area like the inside leather collar or bottom of your bag, and wait to see the results as all leather responds to treatments differently. If there is no significant adverse reaction, then carefully proceed to move on to clean the rest of bag evenly. To ensure the longevity of your Kodada bag on the first day you own it apply a small amount of a reputable waterproof leather moisturizer cleaner. Place the moisturizer onto a clean, dry microfiber cloth and then rub the cleanser gently in circler motions into the leather. Be sure to evenly distribute the coating of each section or panel at least once every two to three months. The moisturizer will help keep the leather soft and supple. Do not use a regular skin moisturizer, or baby wipes as it will cause grease stains. Avoid synthetic cleaning products that are a petroleum-based, as they will dry out, fade and ruin the integrity of your leather’s natural oils over time. We recommend that you only use a soft microfiber cloth to clean your Kodada bag – never use wet paper towels. We also advise regular weekly cleanings like a quick gentle wipe-down with a dry microfiber cloth to buff the leather and remove any dust or dirt. The gentle wipe-down will help restore the texture and shine of you Kodada bag. Never dry clean, or machine wash your Kodada bag.

For any stubborn stains such as grease, ink, cosmetics, water spots or other oily products, please seek out the help of a leather care professional of your choice.

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