The Purseonal Blog!

Hi Darling! 

My name is Crystal Kodada, and I'm the owner and designer of my handbag brand CRYSTAL KODADA!

Welcome to my new blog called "The Pursesonal"! 

A place where we talk about purses and people that share a passion for fashion! 

Since I was a little girl, I have always been OBSESSED With handbags! 

I'm pretty sure in this picture of me there are also more bags inside that shopping bag! haha!

I pretty much have a Ph.D. in Handbags. 

So why do I love handbags so much? 

Because they are so easy to throw on with any ensemble, and you can show the world your take on fashion and your individuality! 

For example, I happen to LOVE sweat pants (Calvin Klein Performance is my go-to). I work from home, so I don't dress up for my dog, and I prefer to be comfortable at my desk! So when I'm running my errands in my sweat pants, I still seem to feel fashionably put together. And never sloppy. Why? Because I'm rocking a fabulous handbag like the Limitless or Timeless Tote. Just adding that handbag elevates my sweatpants and projects a whole new vibe of what my style is all about. You'd look at me and think, hum where is she off too, and where can I get that bag!? 

The truth is. A woman could never have enough handbags, there is a whole science to it (my handbag enthusiasts can attest to that), and if you follow this blog you will soon learn why and how handbags can transform your whole style and even life! 

And I'll leave you with this! 

One of the many reasons why I love handbags are no matter what they will ALWAYS fit ;) 

If you have any questions, comments, topic ideas, whatever!  Feel free to comment below!

Oh! And side note! I LOVE writing (it's one of my passions, and I'm pretty damn good at it!)  but my grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, etc. is a whole other story... however I love and use which for those of you who have the same "story" as I do I highly recommend it! But the bottom line is that this blog is my creative outlet for my writing! A place where I can be real and not have to worry about how every word comes out! This is ME expressing myself to YOU! This is Crystal Kodada in the "Raw" unedited.

Here are my stories of what it takes to become a well-known handbag designer to the rest of the world and my journey of how to get out of the "Almost Famous" stage into the "Blow up Discovery" stage. The truth is I have no idea how it will happen, but I do know that it WILL happen, and I want YOU alongside me every step of the way! ;) 

I promise you'll enjoy the ride ;) 

Cheers Dolls! 

- Crystal Kodada 

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