Feel Your Feelings!

We are never really taught in life how to feel our feelings and emotions. If anything, we are more programmed to go through our lives burying and suppressing our feelings down. Why? Perhaps we are scared to feel our feelings because of what we might uncover about ourselves. Or maybe relive a traumatic experience of our past, or fear the pain of feeling our feelings might bring us into a downward spiral where we won't be able to get out. Therefore, we often lock away our unwanted emotions in the deepest darkest closet or attic we can think of and throw away the key. We then think we are free from our pain because we no longer "feel" them, yay! So they must be "gone," bye-bye, along with all the problems attached to it, and we can go about our lives in bliss and worry-free!

However, when you hide an emotion or feeling, they are never truly gone. In reality, it's just asleep and hidden below, waiting to come up for air to be freed! The only way to truly let go of a feeling is to FEEL it! You have to FEEL it to heal it! Feeling your feelings is an invitation for transformation and profound inner growth. When your feelings and emotions bubble up to the surface, it's an opportunity to heal and release them. It's a blessing! Feelings are just information about the state of our hearts. You can even say that pain behind the emotions is a gift because it brings forth to our attention an area in our lives that has been neglected. The energy needs to be released, so we can move on to evolve, as that's genuinely what our soul wants. To be free and expand!

Did you know that an unfelt feeling could get stuck in your body? That energy can get trapped, and that's how physical pain, inflammation, mental illness, and disease can occur without you even realizing it! Why hold on to it? Why not get curious about what it is trying to tell you? Your body will thank you for it! You gain emotional intelligence because you will no longer be a victim or prisoner to the fear behind the feelings themselves!

You cannot believe the lies that your mind will tell you to avoid feeling an emotion. Perhaps your mind will whisper that you will break down and never recover if you feel that feeling, which is far from the truth! Our brain is trying to keep us safe from harm. Still, it's actually far more painful in the long run to hold on to an unfelt feeling or emotion than just surrender to feeling the feeling itself.

When we get silent and still with ourselves, we learn how to process our feelings from a place of non-judgment and self-compassion. It's important to utilize our breath, as there is nothing we can't breathe through! We are then able to step into our power. Emotions can be our most incredible life advisors. We just need to tune into them and feel them! When we actually feel our feelings, it's like a sailboat moving across the horizon. Yes, it may seem like it moves slowly, but it moves! And before you know it, it's gone, and it's no longer in sight. Neuroscientists have demonstrated that if you allow yourself to feel an emotion, it takes up to 60 to 90 seconds to dissipate those feelings or emotions while you simply notice it. It's that simple!

You then feel lighter and realize you just altered a part of you waiting to be brought into the light. The discomfort was temporary and worth it! You have now gained a new profound state of courage, inner strength, and wisdom that you can tap into at any time. We have the power to heal ourselves! Embrace your feelings and emotions as they are only here to guide you in living your best self!

On the flip side, don't forget to enjoy and cherish your uplifting feelings as well! Sometimes we could let our joyful feeling get away from us too. It's so important to recognize our positive emotions to create more of them in our lives. By being aware of your good feelings and honoring them, they can become your alleys when you want to swap out a negative feeling for a positive one!

Feelings are a big inspiration for me in how I design my American made handbags. I design my luxury leather handbags based on what I want my customers to feel while wearing them. I believe in enhancing the positive uplighting feelings that promote overall empowerment, self-love, inner peace, and joy! At the end of the day, it's not just about how my luxury ladies' handbags look; it's about how they make you feel!

So it's time to start feeling our feeling so that we can take power back within ourselves to live our most authentic, soulful lives!

My soul honors the light in your soul. I am sending you powerful, positive, loving vibrations. Cheers darling!

Crystal Kodada 

American Luxury Handbag Brand Designer 

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