Conquer Your Boulders Through Mediation

Through the art of Mediation, we can conquer our boulders that have been blocking us and reclaim our power! When I refer to the word "Boulders," I am talking about the negative self-chatter from our ego-mind that can often block us from our highest good and inner peace. It can also get in the way of our self-growth and inner transformation. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our noisy internal dialogue (aka monkey mind) with ourselves that can keep us trapped in a lower vibration and thought pattern frequency. It can often feel like you are constantly spinning your wheels like a hamster on a wheel. And when we are not consciously aware, we can stay idol in the same negative story for years. Fear has a sneaky way of warping our reality and tells us lies about ourselves to keep us from feeling the real love and joy from the universe that we have the power to access at any time!

Love heals fear. It is our birthright to be in peace and harmony with ourselves and others. It's our natural state of being! And when you can experience it, it feels like pure magic that can surround you like a golden sparkly blanket of pure positive energy! It's so surreal that even tears of joy can appear! Which is usually a sign that your inner blocks are clearing when you feel your own emotions. And yes, it absolutely exists; it's not a made-up thing! Many people (like myself) are awakening to their inner power and strength every day, and so can you! This is a time for reflection transformation! A time to heal and surrender our limiting beliefs and step into our inner power. We need to learn how to tune in like a radio station to receive those high powered frequencies and vibrations and how we do this through meditation and calming our minds. 

It's important to understand that Mediation is a practice, and it takes patience. It's simply not a one and done type thing. You first get to create a commitment to yourself that you are willing and able to show up for all the inner chatter, emotions, and feelings that will arise. Good and bad. They are all gifts and insights that will bring us greater awareness about ourselves and why we stay stuck. Like pandora's box, our thoughts and emotions have been locked up inside us for so long, and when we start to get silent and release them, they can roar like a wild lion that is finally free from its cage. And that's what Mediation can first feel like, and that's normal and ok! Embrace it! 

 It's a pathway to freedom into mindfulness. The key is to sit with it and not judge what comes up; simply be present and then let each thought move through you—one after another. Let those leaves fall until your tree is bare. Try not to place any energy toward them. You're not solving anything. With practice, Mediation over time gets to rise above the turbulence and travel to a place of peace and silence. There is profound beauty when the mind goes still. It's euphoric. You get a sense that anything is possible and that your life becomes a sea of infinite possibilities. How blissful, right? 

You also get to experience yourself at the purest level of consciousness, and in this place, you discover who you are to the core—your identity and your purpose. With the Mediation, you have the power to witness any inner blocks that you may have been carrying around for years that have been holding you back. Through visualization, you can master conquering those blocks. I will give you an example. I love elephants, and they are symbols for blockers of obstacles. When I am in a visualization meditation and release fear and limiting beliefs, I bring in my big beautiful inner elephant that comes in and crushes the big giant boulder. Then I see beams of light breaking through that boulder, and I know that I shifted my mindset, released stagnant energy, and surrendered the fearful feelings. My heart feels lighter, and I'm free. You can pick any spirit animal that resonates with you. Give it a try! It's life-changing! 

Once fear is relinquished, you're in a state of inner harmony, self-acceptance where the energy of creativity, inspiration, and intuition can remerge from your soul. When you silence your mind, you can set clear intentions on what you want and start removing those boulders one by one. It's then you can get into your divine flow, and there will be nothing stopping you! You will be able to conquer any boulder that you face.  

I hope this message resonates with you! Yes, I may be a luxury handbag designer, and my passion is to empower and inspire you beyond the purse! The Purseonal Blog is a place where fashion meets spirituality. My purpose is to share my knowledge, tips, and self-transformation experiences to create positive changes in your life so we can all lift one another together and live our most authentic and true lives. 

My soul honors the light in your soul. I am sending you powerful, positive, loving vibrations. Cheers darling!

Crystal Kodada 

American Luxury Handbag Brand Designer 

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